Hello guys, this is my money making site where I reveal my ways on how to earn money online. I've been doing online jobs for less than a year now and I could say that the return is pretty good. Although, I'm just starting and have a lot of things to learn still I am very happy because I was able to learn a lot of things and earn money at the same time from the comfort of our home. I encouraged all of you to try this money making opportunities for you to see how this will change your life. I will be posting a lot of online jobs soon so please visit my page regularly for you to be updated. 'till next time..Ciao!!!


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Payment Proofs of CloudCrowd

Recently I've posted about cloudcrowd and if I still not satisfy you then I would gladly post some of my proof of earnings although these are the 1st batch though. If you have any question might as well post it in out chatbox.

As of now guys, I'm not that active at cloudcrowd because I've been doing some online jobs but since I wanna share this wonderful application then take the opportunity while not everyone is updated with this.

Just click them in order to view the larger one. Thanks.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Cloud Crowd

I have a good news guys and I wanna share it with you. Honestly, I've been a member of cloudcrowd for almost 3 months but due to my busy scheds I wasn't able to share it with you although it's a good online opportunity since they've paid me more than so many times. Actually cloudcrowd is a facebook application and you can only participate with their tasks if you do have a facebook but I am pretty sure that you guys have been a member of facebook, right? now if you are then why don't you participate and earn decent money using facebook but make sure you register here first so you have edge over others since I am doing pretty lots of task.

Another good side of cloudcrowd is no minimum amount for you to cash out so even you've earn let's say $.01 they will surely pay you in your paypal in 2-3 business days no need to ask them for it so as easy as that. You now enjoy using facebook and yet you will earn at the same time using this application but make sure you bookmark cloudcrowd after you register so you won't be lost.

My advise only is if you make a task make sure you really know it and read the instruction carefully so your credibility score there wouldn't fall because if it happens surely the task you receive would be rare and worst you have to take some credibility test in order to get a new task. The task is pretty simple if you are skilled with it and you have choices there of which of which task you're gonna take but keep in mind that if you don't know the available job don't do it.

Each task has a corresponding amount maybe a cent or few or even more than that but it's pretty cool if you participate and as I've said you will not having a problem when it comes to payment because there's no minimum payout unlike ptc that you have to wait for long.

Click clouldcrowd now to register and start earning. If you have any question don't fail to ask me.

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What Do You Usually Feel When A PTC Turns Into Scam?

Most of us are joining ptc site in order to earn money the easiest way but we should also be aware of the fact that some of the paid to click site isn't forever. Whenever a ptc site turned scam it driving me crazy because I there's a regret on my part after all since I've clicked that particular site for more than a month or even more and yet I wasn't able to cash out due to lack of referrals and so my earnings are lower than an expert ptc clicker.

For sure, you guys are becoming disappointed when this thing occurs but we are no control of the situation and worst we just have to accept the fact that a ptc site in the future might reached downfall. But also I advised you not to loose hope when one site turned into scam because it's an ordinary happening and that's how the business going on but we have to let it passed and look for a new one.

You might feel very bad at first but always remember that patience is the key here and without you will not be a successful clicker and earner. See you next time. Ciao!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Companybux Is Now A Scam

I was so devastated when I've found out that companybux is now a scam and to my surprised it's the reason why for so many days of clicking I don't get the credit of the ads thats why. I've been paid by them twice so it's so hard on my part when after all it turned to scam the mere fact that they are in operation for years. I am pretty sure that most of my downlines were sad about this happening and we are in no control of the situation but I'm hoping that they back to business soon because they are one of those site who pay on time and this terrible situation shouldn't happen.

But to my downlines please keep on clicking other ptc sites and so far the ones that were listed on my recommended sites are not scam and I am hoping that they will not. Hope you would still have time to stick with our ptc business and hope for the best. I might be posting some other online jobs aside from ptc so keep in touch as always and don't hesitate to send me a message if you have questions.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Make Money From Mylot

Hi guys, I will share to you this another site wherein I earn money everyday and the minimum payment is only $10 so its very easy to achieve it though. Mylot is like a forum wherein you can find a lot of topics from different categories so all you have to do is to interact with the mylotters by expressing your opinion on certain issues such as love, life, parenting, education, and etc. so if you are a type of person who wants to voice out your opinion thru writing then this one is great for you. What's good about mylot is that aside from you will earn from it by participating you can also post your question or even ask for advice unto something without exposing your true identity. You'll earn $.01 for every post of your opinion so it means no click on ads is involved here just a little of writing and presto the amount will be credited to you. In order to reach the payout then you have to be active but if you're busy as a bee then you can just participate whenever you want but of course don't fail to invite friends as well.
If you will ask me if how they will pay you then they pay thru paypal and since most of you have a paypal already then register to mylot.com now but for those who has no paypal yet you can register in my banner here.

To register in mylot just click my banner below and if you have question don't hesitate to ask me.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Earn Money From Friend Finder

Hi guys, I wanna share with you this another online job that is very easy to do and the good news to all here you don't have to click ads but you have to refer people to sign up on your banners or links and surely you'll get $2.00 USD for every female you refer and $1.00USD for every male so that's an easy job so why not sign up now and start referring. Imagine guys, if you have 100 friends and half of them signed up then you calculate how much you would earn. Strike when the iron is still hot because it's an opportunity that I know you won't resist because you'll regret it eventually. In order for you to refer more people why not expose your links in different forum site or even in your own site so that when people see it and they get interested to it they'll sign up.

An opportunity like this you shouldn't wasted because it only happens once so it might be another good source of income if you just allow it and this is free to all aspiring affiliates of friend finder who wanna earn money for free meaning no investment here.

Register now and start earning see my banner below and click it to register as an affiliate:

Happy earnings!! I'll be posting my earnings tomorrow because I'm outside now but if you have questions then you know where to post it guys.